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Case Study - Maroon Warlock Gaming

Case Study - Maroon Warlock Gaming

Background Information

Maroon Warlock Gaming is a newly conceived video game channel hosted on the increasingly popular website, Twitch. The Twitch platform allows for people to livestream their own original content or game play to a wide audience. Livestreams are gaining momentum on the internet. Channel performance is greatly influenced not only by the consistency of live streaming, but by also branding yourself as an established online personality for others to follow. As live streamers attract more popularity from viewers online, their channels have the more potential to increase subscriber counts & seize sponsorship opportunities from larger companies.


The Problem

The Maroon Warlock Gaming channel lacked any semblance of branding or page organization. A lot of personalization can be incorporated into each channel in order to make it your own. Many, if not all, serious channels embrace the opportunity to use branding to help diversify themselves beyond their regular livestreams. The client wanted professional & modern channel page assets and an edgy logo mark that would be easily recognizable.


The Solution

The logo mark that was accepted by the client expresses the name of the Twitch channel. It is the letter ‘w’ with a maroon hue that of which I developed to resemble the modern typography used in video game titles. There was a lot of trial and error throughout the process of designing the logo. I researched a vast variety of typographical ways to depict the letter ‘w’. I further refined my sketches in Illustrator before finally finding an adequate solution. 

The Maroon Warlock Gaming channel page also needed customization. Twitch channels follow a format that includes a personalized banner image that may reflect the owner’s personality, as well as “panel” icons used in order to organize necessary information about the live streams. I created a detailed, well thought out banner that the client could use on all of his social media accounts. The illustrative style used in the portrait of the maroon warlock is heavily influenced by modern video game art. The visage of the warlock even mimics that of the channel owner & the channel owner even occasionally appears in his livestreams wearing a maroon hood. This is an effective way to diversify his channel from others on the platform in the same category. 


The panel icons were the last step, however the ideation for the icons took place throughout the entire process. I supplied my client with panel options they can use presently and some they can potentially use in the future as their channel grows in popularity.